…We have found that if we allow them [self-proclaimed normal people] to say all that they are determined to say all that they are determined to fume at us without resisting, they will eventually run out of steam and be much more pliable or will huff off seeking other victims who will at least get upset by their blathering. Smile at them, kindred, laugh if you must, but try not to take them so seriously. That after all is their problem in the first place. […] It is a fact that the more purely elven we become […] the insecurities that previously were used to manipulate and control us are no more. We can no more be insulted than a tree. And thus freed from the burden of having to constantly protect our ego and our social image we are free to weave the magic unhindered."
— Excerpt from The Silver Elves, “Sorry—not,” originally posted ca. 1984-1998. Republished in The Magical Elven Love Letters, Vol. 1 (Sebastopol, CA: Silver Elves Publications, 2001), p. 223-224. 

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